Comparing the Top Free YouTube Downloaders

Posted on: 09/22/2023

Watching YouTube videos offline requires downloading them first. While YouTube Premium lets you download videos, free alternatives exist as well. We compared the most popular free YouTube downloaders to help you choose the best one.

Key Features of Free YouTube Downloaders

When evaluating free YouTube downloaders, here are some key features to look for:

  • Download from many websites, not just YouTube
  • Download videos or extract audio
  • Download single videos or full playlists
  • Multithreaded downloads for faster speeds
  • Easy queue management for multiple downloads
  • Download private and restricted videos
  • Custom proxy support
  • Media library to organize downloads
  • Regular updates to improve the app

Top Free YouTube Downloader Options


VideoDownloaderAccelerator is a powerful free YouTube video downloader available for Windows. Key features include:

  • Hundreds of supported sites beyond just YouTube
  • Download videos or extract audio
  • Fast multithreaded downloads
  • Download management queue
  • Secure cookie download support
  • Custom proxy options
  • Automatic format conversion
  • Media library to organize downloads

Overall, VideoDownloaderAccelerator provides an excellent combination of speed, flexibility, and ease of use for free YouTube and video downloads.

Other Top Options

Other top free YouTube downloader options include:

Choose the Best Free YouTube Downloader for You

When choosing a free YouTube downloader, consider your needs for speed, format support, and video sources. Services like VideoDownloaderAccelerator provide an excellent blend of features to easily download YouTube videos and more. Evaluate your top options to pick the best free YouTube video downloader for you.